single house renovation
barcelona | 2002 - 2008

architect Manel Casellas

location Barcelona

client private

dates project - 2002/2005| construction- 2005/2008

area 360m²

collaborators Jordi Adell (arch.), AR47 (estructure)

interior design Pilar Líbano

builder Construcciones 89, Coarq



The main action in this comprehensive renovation lies in withdrawing part of the second level volume, getting a perfectly illuminated room in that level, with excellent views. For the project, we emphasized the use of sustainable materials as natural wood for all the pavements, woodwork in both inner and outer windows and doors, insulation for facades and roofing by using wood fiber panels, inner walling with plaster and paper recycled cellulose fiber panels and using mineral painting without thinner for interior and exterior. facebook linkedin   |  2260mm | c Camp 61 3r 5a | 08022 Barcelona | t 93 3107064 | 

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