single house

architects Manel Casellas | Jordi Adell

client private

dates project - 2003/2004 | construction- 2004/2005

area 260m²


Montsant Permiquel (architect)

Núria Roig (surveyor)

AG2 (structure)

A triangular plot with a soft slope terrain, in this way the house is located in the higher point with a double orientation: the east, where the sea view is; and the south, where it receives good sun lighting. The plan grows in a unique level surrounding a courtyard and having a mezzanine where the main dormitory is as a privileged, viewpoint.

The street fence is folded to create a detached partially undergrounded parking in the entrance of the plot. facebook linkedin   |  2260mm | c Camp 61 3r 5a | 08022 Barcelona | t 93 3107064 | 

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